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agent speed dating -

Agent Speed Dating

I recently attended the San Francisco Writers Conference. Excellent presenters, lots of creative types, agent speed dating, loads of homework. And San Fran. Right on.

carolyn the hummingbird -

Carolyn the Hummingbird

Carolyn the hummingbird and Carolyn the person visit Sacramento, where Carolyn becomes whipsmart, a budding socialite, and a snappy dresser. Carolyn the person, I mean.

horatian notion - thomas lux - 2

An Horatian Notion

An Horatian Notion by Thomas Lux The thing gets made, gets built, and you’re the slave who rolls the log beneath the block, then another,

new yorker superstars -

New Yorker Superstars

The New Yorker superstars who’ve rocked my world: Colson Whitehead, Junot Díaz, Jennifer Egan, Tessa Hadley, Ben Marcus, Michael Ondaatje, Said Sayrafiezadeh, and Ron Rash.

dickens bicentenary -

Dickens’ Bicentenary

It’s the 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens’ birth, people. He was born at midnight on February 7, 1812. In a recent Time article, Radhika Jones says

camden market ring -

Camden Market Ring

Several years back, my beloved Camden market ring spontaneously combusted while I was trying to shift gears in my shiftless RAV4 and buried itself somewhere

prussian blue -

Say “Prussian Blue”

“Say ‘Prussian Blue’” is a two-minute freewriting exercise I wrote during Anne Randolph’s creative writing session last Friday. The writing prompt: Start with the word “Say.” I was inspired by

dont hate on homework - don't hate on homework -

Don’t Hate on Homework

Don’t hate on homework. It’s unbecoming. And it will give people the false impression that you didn’t and don’t enjoy doing homework. Which is INSANE.

Colin the Chicken - But is it local - Portlandia -

Colin the Chicken (Is It Local?)

“The chicken you’ll be enjoying tonight … his name was Colin. Here are his papers.” Portlandia starring Carrie Brownstein, Fred Armisen, and Colin the Chicken.

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