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Persuasive Writing Workshops

Workshops for Teams That Need to Improve Their Persuasive Writing and Critical Thinking Skills

Let’s say your organization is short on in-house writing expertise but big on initiative. Let’s also say that much of what your team writes is poorly organized, sloppy, and ineffective. While writing is a vital part of their jobs, your team lacks fundamental business, marketing, and technical writing skills. That’s where persuasive writing workshops come in.

The purpose of writing is to inform or persuade by helping people understand important ideas, solve problems, or perform tasks. Writing fails when readers misunderstand the message, bristle at the quality of its style or presentation, or find the core argument unconvincing and stop reading before the end.

Good Writing Matters

Your team needs to write well because bad writing hurts your organization’s credibility. The team writing workshop focuses on teaching participants how to write for readers, not for themselves. The most reliable way to keep readers attentive is to offer immediate clarity and quick comprehension.

Participants will learn about audience, voice, tone, style, and content. They’ll build a more solid foundation in writing, revising, and formatting, as well as a stronger grounding in grammar and punctuation. They’ll learn how to achieve a clear, readable style while always keeping writing goals and audience needs in mind.


Sampling of Topics Covered

The team writing workshop agenda can be customized to meet the needs of your team. Topics covered can
include the following: 

  • The art of audience analysis and persuasion
  • Effective introductory problem statements that borrow from the structure of fairy tales
  • Audience, purpose, scope, and structure
  • Paragraph and sentence structure and style
  • Subject matter expert interview tips
  • Outlines, research, and drafting processes
  • Content management and iteration processes
  • Business and marketing strategy and communications – real-world insights


Persuasive Writing Workshop Details

I lead custom, virtual team writing workshops and onsite team workshops across the country. Workshops can include half-day and full-day sessions for small and large teams and multiple-day and ad-hoc instruction for individuals and small teams. All participants receive a course booklet summarizing and showing examples of all concepts taught.


Teaching Expertise

I’ve been teaching courses in business, technical, proposal, and marketing writing and argumentation for 20 years. I began my career teaching writing for U.S. Department of Defense personnel at the Pentagon. I’ve also taught undergraduate writing courses at the University of Virginia and graduate-level courses in business and technical writing at the University of Colorado Boulder.

I have what it takes to help your team improve their writing across the board – all while enhancing your organization’s credibility and better enabling you to achieve your business goals. Hire me to write or revise your mission-critical content to ensure it achieves your goals. Or make a strategic investment by hiring me to lead persuasive writing workshops that will improve the way your team communicates.