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Brand Strategy Workshops and Playbooks

Brand Strategy/Marketing Strategy Workshops and Playbooks That Nail Down Your Value and Audience

Companies small and large need clarity about (1) the value of their offerings in the market, (2) the target audience for their offerings, and (3) offering details in order to identify the best ways to position those offerings in internal and external (prospect and customer) communications.

That’s where a Marketing Strategy Playbook comes in. I start with a discovery process where I lead an onsite
workshop with your team to capture key information about your company and your offerings. Then I craft your
Value Proposition and document your Target Audience and Offering Details.

Value Proposition

A clear, easy-to-understand value proposition brings strategic alignment to your team and accelerates target audience awareness and buy-in. Key elements of your value proposition can include the following: 

  • Company vision, mission, and values
  • 30-word and 100-word value propositions and an elevator pitch
  • 3 key differentiators that clarify your competitive advantage
  • Competitor positioning
  • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)


Target Audience

It’s important to understand who makes up the target demographic for your company’s products or services. Key elements of your target audience analysis can include the following: 

  • Target market: ideal industries, verticals, and customers
  • Next best client (description, rationale, and approach)
  • Personas (snapshots of buyer demographics, education, needs, goals, pain points, & buying criteria)
  • Target audience communication strategies


Offering Details

Offering details include compelling, specific messaging about your offering that helps promote the value of those offerings to the marketplace. Key elements of your offering details can include the following: 

  • Offering descriptions that capture all significant aspects of your offerings 
  • Features, benefits, and outcomes of your offerings 
  • Market opportunity, market insights, and key offering phrases and other language 
  • Customer testimonials, press, and other substantiation of the offering


Real-World Brand Strategy and Marketing Jumpstart

I’ve written dozens of Brand Strategy Playbooks for everything from startups to divisions of large corporations. I’m an expert at branding and rebranding companies, solidifying the way companies talk about their value internally and externally, and crafting messaging that resonates with the target audience. To better understand how a Brand Strategy Playbook is a smart marketing investment, request a sample.