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Don’t Hate on Homework

dont hate on homework - don't hate on homework -

Don’t hate on homework. It’s unbecoming. And it will give people the false impression that you didn’t and don’t enjoy doing homework. Which is INSANE.

One of the myriad reasons I enjoy my Lighthouse Writers Workshop Advanced Novel class is that we have homework each week. We review student chapters and prepare a separate writing assignment of our own.

In my mind, homework falls into three categories: awesome, fabulous, and good.

Awesome homework is homework with right answers. Math homework, for example. Or Spanish homework. ¡Espero que esté escribiendo esta oración correctamente! Es posible que mi escritura tiene muchos errores. ¡Debo hacer más preparación!

Drills and busy work and what many people might label “boring” homework fall into the awesome category as well. Homework that feels like a waste of time cause you know all the answers is really homework made easy. Rock it out, reinforce your skills, and hold your chin high cause you did your work and now you’re done!

Fabulous homework is homework with short, limited-length responses. Say exactly what needs to be said, no more, no less. Strategize. Think it through. Tell a big story in a small space. Make every word count.

Good homework is all other homework. Let’s say you were just assigned to write an essay that’s due in a week. Get crackin. Craft a plan. Sketch out a draft. Take that, procrastination!

My daily blog is good homework. All of my client projects are also good homework. What’s the plan of action? What do I want to say, and how do I want to say it? Sorry, buddy, I can’t take your call right now. And, no, I can’t go out and play just yet. Got to finish my homework first. Hee, hee, hee, homework.

If you’re thinking, Jesus Christ, this girl has flipped her lid and she’s a big weirdo dork, then no offense taken. Except that I’m feeling super offended. How dare you! Seriously, there’s no need to be rude. So what if I’m into homework, what about it? You own a baseball cap for every day of the year and collect vintage My Little Ponies and think that staying at a Bahamas resort constitutes foreign travel and think Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher are both funny (“it’s a tie!”) and wish Chris Jenner were your mom. But you don’t see me going around calling you a big weirdo dork.

Don’t hate on homework. Geez.

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