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lew welch - the basic con -

The Basic Con

Those who can’t find anything to live for, always invent something to die for. Then they want the rest of us to die for it,

what should a home page include - Carolyn Daughters

What Should a Home Page Include?

What should a home page include? And why isn’t my home page converting more site visitors into prospects and customers? Good questions. I have answers.

do i have mad cow disease - Carolyn Daughters

Do I Have Mad Cow Disease?

I tried to donate blood, and the hospital refused based on my extensive travels throughout the UK. Do I have mad cow disease? Since when?

Claude Monet - it is simply necessary to love - Carolyn Daughters

It Is Simply Necessary to Love

Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love. ~ Claude Monet

Are You Trying to Be Funny - arrested development -

Are You Trying to Be Funny?

When someone asks, “are you trying to be funny,” they’re really schooling you for trying to be funny and hoping to make you feel small.

when to use qualifying language - Carolyn Daughters

When to Use Qualifying Language

Qualifying language can make tough arguments easier to swallow. I’ll show you why you should consider qualifying some statements and when to use qualifying language.

The Mystery of the Purple Martin -

The Mystery of the Purple Martin

My sister and I ran the wildly successful CarMich Detective Agency when we were kids. However, we never solved the mystery of the purple martin.

Goldfish Are Ordinary (Stacie Cassarino) -

Goldfish Are Ordinary

Goldfish Are Ordinary At the pet store on Court Street, I search for the perfect fish. The black moor, the blue damsel, cichlids and neons.

F*** about an oxford comma - Carolyn Daughters

I Give a F*** About an Oxford Comma

Dear, Vampire Weekend, I give a f*** about an Oxford comma. I do. This amazing punctuation mark adds order and clarity to otherwise confusing sentences.

woman by the way - jay parini -

Woman by the Way

Woman by the Way (Poem by Jay Parini) I passed a woman on my way to work. She didn’t notice me, or so I thought.

Juliaworld - Carolyn Daughters


An introduction to Sharon Stoneland, Juliaworld, and other places that are probably delightful to visit so long as you have an endless supply of cocktails.

Billy Collins - Orient -

Orient (Billy Collins)

Billy Collins (“Orient”) – You are turning me like someone turning a globe in her hand, and yes, I have another side like a China

Francine Prose - Washing Skycraper Windows - Carolyn Daughters

Washing Skyscraper Windows

“[These] are just a few of the phantoms scary enough to make the writer wonder if there might be a job available washing skyscraper windows.”

blogging makes my head hurt - Carolyn Daughters

Blogging Makes My Head Hurt

“Blogging makes my head hurt.” That’s what a business owner told me recently. Because he hates blogging, he creates little new content. It’s a problem.

after the movie - Marie Howe -

After the Movie

After the Movie My friend Michael and I are walking home arguing about the movie. He says that he believes a person can love someone

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