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dictionaries are awesome - Carolyn Daughters -

Dictionaries Are Awesome

Dictionaries are awesome. Really, they are. Anytime someone gifts me with a thesaurus or book of word origins, I think to myself, you get me.

We Shall Overcome - Ramanattukara

We Shall Overcome in Ramanattukara

The Muslim, Hindu, and Christian students stood together and sang We Shall Overcome in Ramanattukara. I think about these kids often. I hope it’s true.


Beachgoers of Kozhikode

These lovely girls followed us as we strolled along Kozhikode Beach in Kerala. The beachgoers of Kozhikode, covered head to toe in 95 degree heat.


Monasticism on the Move

Travel can be a kind of monasticism on the move: On the road, we often live more simply, with no more possessions than we can carry,

To the Ends of the Earth

To the Ends of the Earth

It is fatal to know too much at the outset: boredom comes as quickly to the traveler who knows his route as to the novelist

Taj Mahal Dawn

Taj Mahal at Dawn

The first ghostly presence, the Taj Mahal in the pre-dawn fog. In an hour it will rise out of the fog, all crispness and clarity

my spambot fan base - Carolyn Daughters -

My Spambot Fan Base

Got a website? Then you surely have a spambot fan base. Not to throw down the gauntlet, but I bet mine is better than yours.

Yeats - A Coat - Walking Naked - Carolyn Daughters -

A Coat (Walking Naked)

“A Coat” (1914) I made my song a coat Covered with embroideries Out of old mythologies From heel to throat; But the fools caught it,

happiness giraffe -

Three Stalks Attract Happiness

If three stalks attract happiness, what do two stalks attract? How about just one? Because one of my three bamboo stalks up and died …

Edna-St-Vincent-Millay - first fig -

First Fig

My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends— It gives a lovely light!

Steven Pressfield - War of Art -

The War of Art

“[O]ur rule of thumb: The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more we can be sure we have to do it.”


Ramanattukara Anniversary

Vinod and Sussila toasted their Ramanattukara Anniversary (Kozhikode, Kerala, India) with treats from a local bakery. We were honored to be part of the celebration.

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