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marjolyn van der hart -

Marjolyn van der Hart

I recently saw some paintings by Marjolyn van der Hart at the NYC Affordable Art Fair. Tea for Two blew me away. Warm, comforting colors.

panama city layover plan -

The Panama City Layover Plan

Play your cards right, and you’ll have a 22-hour layover in Panama City en route to Lima. I call it the Panama City layover plan.

ancon hill butterfly -

Ancon Hill Butterfly

We hoofed it up Ancon Hill in Panama City, and this stunner of a butterfly landed on this stunner of a flower for 2.4 seconds,

Other Panama City -

The Other Panama City

The real one’s in Panama. As in the country. I’m heading there in a few days. But the other one? The one in Florida? That one’s crazy.

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