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Marjolyn van der Hart

marjolyn van der hart -
Tea for Two

I recently saw some paintings by Marjolyn van der Hart at the NYC Affordable Art Fair. Tea for Two blew me away. Warm, comforting colors. Hazy, unfocused images. An enveloping sense that the scenes capture both distinct moments and an entire life.

Here’s what Marjolyn has to say:


“So often a person has an image, a spark of a memory saturated with emotion. Many times there is an ambiguity to this image; a vagueness yet a crystal clear moment. [Using] stark and subdued light my work attempts to draw the viewer into the moment of the narrative.

…[E]ach image attempts to search for the emotion associated with a particular time and place. Like memories, each painting is layered with several images. … The surface reveals a thickness of texture through the use of tissue paper and modeling paste. The viewer becomes involved in the discovery of the moment captured by the painting.”

Check out more paintings from Marjolyn Van der Hart here.

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