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Why the Poorest County in WV Believes in Trump

Poorest County West Virginia - Donald Trump

“You always got to start at the bottom of the totem pole,” says one resident of McDowell County, West Virginia.

“Well you don’t,” says another. “We started at the bottom, so that’s where we got to start. But rich people, they didn’t start out at the bottom.”

“No,” says the first, “they started at the top and stayed at the top.”

Donald Trump was more popular in McDowell County than anywhere else in America during the Republican primaries. What’s the power of his message in the poorest county of West Virginia?

The short answer is hope. Donald Trump says he’s going to make America great again, and they desperately want to believe.

I wrote this post and uploaded this video from The Guardian even though I’m with Her and I’m no fan of Donald Trump. By all definitions I’m a liberal Democrat. I’m also a human being who wants to understand other human beings — what they feel and believe, what gets them up in the morning, what keeps them up at night.

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