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anti farmville -

Anti Farmville Year-End Summary

You’ve been awaiting my anti FarmVille year-end summary, I know. I have too. To write it, I had to continue not playing any Facebook games

Michael Van der Linden - Street Copper -

Street Copper

Street Copper — Blindly we wasted Magic moments Subway singer serenades Our names a menu selection The road sign urging Visits in the butterfly garden

Graffiti Girl in Sevilla -

Graffiti Girl in Sevilla

The past few years, I’ve been having a love affair of sorts with street art the world round. One of my favorites is graffiti girl.

LA picnic -

An LA Picnic in a New Year

Near the Hollywood Walk of Fame, we ate peanut butter and jelly and drank beer from a bag. An LA picnic in a new year.

Continuity - A. R. Ammons -


I’ve pressed so far away from my desire that if you asked me what I want I would, accepting the harmonious completion of the drift,

Mapia and Jean-Luc -

Mapía and Jean-Luc

I used to have a set of mugs. And dinner plates and salad plates and glassware and silverware. When I moved into my loft last

willa cather - first world problem 41 - 2

First World Problem 41

First world problem 41: what to do with my 1,000 books, which take up loads of space but happen to include decades worth of marginalia.

Silver Linings Playbook -

Silver Linings Playbook

Random thoughts about Silver Linings Playbook, A Farewell to Arms, Gone Girl, and The Merry Wives of Windsor. All in one packed post. You’re welcome.

Finding Dates at the Grocery Store

Finding Dates at the Grocery Store

Finding dates at the grocery store is easier said than done. For the uninitiated, some grocery store clerks won’t get that you’re looking for fruit.

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