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Anti Farmville Year-End Summary

anti farmville -

You’ve been awaiting my anti FarmVille year-end summary, I know. I have too. To write it, I had to continue not playing any Facebook games of any sort.

Facebook has an app called Year in Review, and I’m slightly terrified it’ll magically appear on my page as if I myself had posted it there. Recently a friend mentioned that I had invited her to play a Facebook something or other called Bubble Witch Saga, a game where a busty redhead smacks dark spirits with her pet cat before taking a comforting bath.

I have no desire to play this game, and I’ve never invited anyone to play it with me. But then I don’t play any Facebook games. Not Words with Friends or Candy Crush or FarmVille. Not even poker. (And I love poker.) I’ve found it hard to play games throughout the day and remain employed. Plus way too many people seem to spend way too much time tending 3D wind-waving fields and raising perky cartoon livestock while their real-life households go to pot. (“Make your own breakfast, Lorelei and Grayson. Mommy’s busy.”)

Back to the slightly terrified part. The reason I don’t want My Year in Photos posted? Pictures lie.

I’m not a biographical exhibitionist. Search and you will not find my life story on Facebook. I’m often confounded by how much personal info people pack into Tweet-sized blocks on Facebook. One married but recently separated acquaintance of mine gleefully shared months of locked-lip dating pics and deets with her 1,000+ friends (including her teenagers). Another shared icky details of her messy divorce. (Though to be fair, the messy divorcee has won me over with her frank and brutal honesty. There’s a raw sense of the real in her posts.)

So what would the Year in Photos show for a Facebook-averse biographical anti-exhibitionist like myself?

The same thing everyone’s Year in Photos show: A pretty damn good year.

“How are you?”


Probably the photographic equivalent of a greeting and a rote response. Only Bigger Better Brighter More!

Friendship fellowship success, story topping story topping travel out on the town again can’t keep up with me more travel my kids are a-ma-zing even more travel I’m here I’m there it’s a miracle I’m sitting still long enough to even post this I’m popular I’m in demand I’m in love! I am loved! everything’s fun fine really truly fantastic.

Wish you were me? But you are me! We’re both harvesting FarmVille fields in fun fine really truly fantastic land. Facebook living is grand indeed.

And this has been your anti-FarmVille year-end summary.

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