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Make Art Not Friends

make art not friends -

Make art not friends. Why? Because art is more important than your friends. Okay, not really. But, in a way, at times, sort of …


Nuthin. You?


Know why nothing’s up? Because the “all friends, all the time” world we live in usurped the making of art.

Full-time friendships are the kind that we’re tapped into for what can feel like every free minute of every day. Got no plans on any random evening? Hit a bar with your best bud. Have a couple open hours? Pop onto Facebook and then let it suck you in. No plans at all? Text your pals.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re so busy chatting about nothing that there’s rarely time for something else. All this social networking can turn into a full-time gig if we let it. And, thing is, that full-time gig isn’t giving us our daily allowance of creative goodness. We may spend all day communicating, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we actually have anything interesting to talk about.

So what about it? Try to make art not friends and see how it goes. Your creativity might skyrocket with all your new free time. To be fair, it could also end up withering on the vine since human connection is critical fuel that helps to keep us alive and kicking.

Now, if you’re thinking it doesn’t need to be an either/or type of situation, then try this on for size. Make friends. A whole lot of them. Or just a few. It’s up to you. Friends are swell, and they’ve carried me up peaks and led me through valleys. But don’t forget to make art too.

Big-Time Disclaimer: Reading my blog counts as making art. Or at least thinking about art. Or at least thinking. Oh, yes, it does.

Listen to Sturgill Simpson’s sing Make Art Not Friends here.

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  1. Amen and Amen!!! Life long friends are those that are always in your heart and with you always even through moves, children and husbands. Some friends are acquaintenances that come in and out of your life in a flash. I miss the days of calling and talking for hours or having coffee in the mornings with my friends. Too busy, too much, too soon! Just to relax and pour your heart out to someone without one taking offense and causing drama. It would be heaven. I can count my true friends on one hand and I know if I called them tomorrow, they would be there with whatever resources they had to help me. Here is hearting all my friends and especially the ones counted on my hand……

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