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Elizabeth Olds - I Go Back to May 1937 - 2

I Go Back to May 1937

I Go Back to May 1937 (Sharon Olds) I see them standing at the formal gates of their colleges, I see my father strolling out

Bernie Sanders and the Big Short

Bernie Sanders and The Big Short

I recently saw The Big Short, a story about hubristic lunatics who sailed their yachts through the blood, sweat, and tears of fellow human beings,

Thin Man New Year's Eve

A Thin Man New Year’s Eve

The Thin Man is New Year’s Eve for me. Cocktails flowing, a jazz backdrop. Random run-ins, mystery, frivolity. Prohibition-era New York City. Black and white.

LL Bean Catalog

56 L.L. Bean Catalogs

I hate catalogs. Waste of paper. Anytime I get them, I opt out. But when it comes to L.L. Bean catalogs, your opt-ins last forever.

Penguins in Sweaters

Photos of penguins in sweaters kill me. Not literally. Though if an Emperor fell on me, it might do some damage. They weigh 80 pounds

florissant rainbow -

Florissant Rainbow

I visually capture the moment almost never. And yet sometimes I take a mind-blowing Florissant rainbow picture and I confuse the hell out of myself.

Seal Photobomb

This seal photobomb photo makes me laugh every time I see it, yet I can’t tell you how many people have grunted, sniffed, or shrugged

blessing the boats - Lucille Clifton -

Blessing the Boats

(at St. Mary’s) –  may the tide that is entering even now the lip of our understanding carry you out beyond the face of fear

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