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Barterhouse Bourbon (No Maraschino Cherries Allowed)

barterhouse bourbon -

This post isn’t about Barterhouse Bourbon. Oh no. It’s about Black Friday charitable giving. Just a little seasonal bait and switch. You’re welcome in advance.

I’m one of those holier than thou people like your Great Aunt Frannie who absolutely will not hit the mall on Black Friday. I will never be one of those Black Friday shoppers I like to make fun of. That said, I have been known to buy myself some Black Friday cocktails or to give to my fave charities on the day after Thanksgiving.

Such as (you ask)?

UNICEF, Mercy Corps, Kiva, Doctors Without Borders, Grameen Foundation, St. Jude, Denver Rescue Mission, American Cancer Society, NPR.

Or me.

Nifty idea #1: Why not make Black Friday the day you stop waging a war of words on social media, instead putting your money where those Syrian refugees are? We’re all glued to the news these days, but few of us are actually doing much besides spouting our opinions to our 834 Facebook friends. It’s good to feel deeply, but it’s even better to take action. (The six Waltons on Forbes’ list of wealthiest Americans have a net worth of $144.7 billion. Walmart can go without money from Black Friday shoppers for one day.)

For starters, Doctors Without Borders, Mercy Corps, and UNICEF are providing food, water, shelter, medical care, and other forms of humane support to Syrians who no longer have a place to call home. Looking for somewhere to blow some dough? All three get a big thumbs up from Charity Navigator.

Um, that’s really cool (you’re thinking), but I was asking about cocktails, not charities. My cocktail of choice? Manhattans, my friend. These days I’m into sipping bourbon vs. chugging beer. Here’s what you need (if your Black Friday bartender isn’t making your Manhattan for you): bourbon, bitters, vermouth, and an orange peel. Do not under any circumstance add a maraschino cherry. It will kill you, and that is no joke.

Nifty idea #2: Buy your sister some of that Barterhouse Bourbon you’ve had your eye on, give the $20 you meant to spend on Williams-Sonoma dee-luxe maraschinos to your fave charity in her name, and make some family cocktails. See? Everybody wins.

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