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behind every great novelist - 2

Behind Every Great Novelist

Behind every great novelist is childhood trauma, miserable job, moments of self-discovery, episodes of debauchery, pathologic ambition, loyal pet, neglected spouse, and many personal demons.

stealing gordon lightfoot -

Stealing Gordon Lightfoot

Wherein I contemplate stealing Gordon Lightfoot. Not the Canadian singer-songwriter but the Golden Retriever. It gets slightly less confusing as you keep reading. Trust me.

colorado hydroponics -

Colorado Hydroponics

A rather brief discussion of Colorado hydroponics, not to be confused with global hydrophonics, which has led to the destruction of lots of stereo equipment.

i am made of stars -

I Am Made of Stars

I am made of light; I am made of stars. That’s what the tattoo says on my right arm. However, because it’s written in Spanish,

i want to get a little lost -

I Want to Get a Little Lost

I want to get a little lost. See something new. Explore on foot. Speak another language for a while. Listen. Figure things out. Diagnosis: wanderlust.

Alice Munro - Feed the Lake

Alice Munro and Feeding the Lake

[Playing the role of Alice Munro is lead Lighthouser Andrea Dupree. This fact is critical to the story, though the reason why never becomes apparent.]

apropos of something -

Apropos of Something

Here you’ll find a meandering tale that’s apropos of something. God willing. And if it turns out that it’s not, at least it’s pretty short.

make art not friends -

Make Art Not Friends

Make art not friends. Why? Because art is more important than your friends. Okay, not really. But, in a way, at times, sort of …

cheryl strayed conversations -

Cheryl Strayed Conversations

I should note that the following Cheryl Strayed conversations will be told with something in the neighborhood of 14% accuracy (a personal best for me).

manhattan apartment phishing

Manhattan Apartment Phishing

Manhattan apartment phishing involves 1,497 unscrupulous rental agents doing something with something in order to accomplish something. I’m using Excel spreadsheets to document what’s what.

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