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Three Stalks Attract Happiness

happiness giraffe -
Hubert, the Happiness Giraffe

If three stalks attract happiness, what do two stalks attract? How about just one? Because one of my three bamboo stalks up and died …

Meet Hubert. He’s the giraffe looking thing holding two bamboo stalks. My sister Heather gave Hubert and his three (!) bamboo stalks to my sister Mandy 14 years ago. When Mandy moved out of my home and returned to Maryland, she left Hubert with me.

The tag on one of the stalks says “1-2 inches of water at all times,” and “Freshen water every two weeks.” Sometimes I water Hubert, but I’ve never freshened his water. By my count I’ve missed 260 freshenings to date. Last night I noticed that stalk #2 is yellow and dying (dead?).

The tag also says “3 STALKS ATTRACT HAPPINESS.” I can’t help but wonder what two live stalks plus one dead stalk attract.

Hubert: I’m hoping they attract fresh water. Cause, damn.

Carolyn: You’re lucky I water you at all.

Hubert: Yeah. I know.

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