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Velocity Brand Builder

The only brand building course that empowers small businesses to tell their story in a way that wins hearts, minds, deals, and dollars.

I’m Carolyn Daughters, and I show small and emerging businesses how to engage their audiences emotionally and intellectually so those businesses stand out from the pack.
Fast wins. Real-world strategies. Actionable next steps. No smoke, mirrors, BS, or fluff.
I teach the 4-week online Velocity Brand Builder course three times a year. 

Who Are You? Don’t Leave Your Brand Identity Up to Chance …

Companies small and large need clarity about (1) the value of their offerings in the market, (2) the target audience for their offerings, and (3) offering details in order to identify the best ways to position those offerings in internal and external (prospect and customer) communications.

That’s where the Velocity Brand Builder comes in. We’ll begin with a discovery process to capture key information about your company, your value, your key differentiators, your target audience, and your offerings. Then we’ll put that information to the test to validate your value and your offerings.

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The Higher the Stakes,
the More You Need This Course

A clear, easy-to-understand value proposition brings strategic alignment to your team and accelerates target audience awareness and buy-in. In order to reach your audience and turn them into raving fans, you must show them who you are and what value you offer.

Key elements of your value proposition can include the following: 

  • Company vision, mission, and values
  • A 100-word value proposition and an elevator pitch
  • Key differentiators that clarify your competitive advantage
  • Competitor positioning
  • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)

Brand Building Topics Covered

  • Vision and Story – where did you come from, what prompted you to start your company, and how did you get where you are today?
  • Value Proposition – what strategic elements about your value can you and your clients rally behind in order to accelerate target audience awareness?
  • Elevator Pitch – When a prospective client asks what you do, what do you tell them? What makes their eyes light up? What makes them smile politely and wave goodbye?
  • Competitive Positioning – How can you position yourself in the market to accelerate buy-in?
  • SWOT – What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?
  • Target Audience – What industry segments should you focus on? Who are your ideal clients?
  • Primary Competition – Who are your primary competitors? Why might your target audience choose them? Why might your target audience choose you instead? 
  • Offering Details – What exactly is your service or product offering? How can you describe it to your audience in the clearest manner possible to elicit immediate understanding and curiosity?
Velocity Brand Builder - Carolyn Daughters

Sell to Everybody, and You’re Selling to Nobody …

Who makes up the target demographic for your company’s products or services? What are their specific wants, needs, and pain points?

Help your audience understand that you’re the one that they want. Make their job easy. Key elements of your target audience analysis can include the following: 

  • Target market: ideal industries, verticals, and customers
  • Next best client (description, rationale, and approach)
  • Personas (snapshots of buyer demographics, education, needs, goals, pain points, and buying criteria)
  • Target audience communication strategies

Tell the Best Story Possible

Offering details include compelling, specific messaging about your offering that helps promote the value of those offerings to the marketplace and help you tell the best story possible.

Key elements of your offering details can include the following: 

  • Descriptions that capture all significant aspects of your offerings 
  • Features, benefits, and outcomes of your offerings 
  • Market opportunities, industry buzzwords that actually resonate, and key offering phrases and keywords 
  • Customer testimonials, reviews, press, and other substantiation of your offering
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Can You Say “Game Changer”?

You’ll learn how to craft content that attracts and engages your audience. Your brand identity will be so clear that even your mother will know what you do and be able to send referrals your way.

We’ll work together to pinpoint your company’s foundational brand identity, target audience, market position, and offerings to position you to:

  • Streamline the way you talk about the company internally (with your team) and externally (with prospects and clients in person or in writing)
  • Strengthen business relationships and solidify opportunities
  • Close more business and improve your ability to cross-sell your products and services

You need a real expert to show you what to do and how to do it. I’m that expert.

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