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RiNo Denver Chronicles and the Case of the Clicky Heels

RiNo Denver - Fire Clay Lofts -

Wherein I don’t wear high heels while chatting with my new RiNo Denver neighbor, who doesn’t recognize me, and his husband, who thinks I’m darling.

Last week I met the guy who lives directly below me. His name’s Aaron. We chatted for a few. He was very friendly and seemed genuinely pleased to meet me.

Last night, I rode my cruiser bike to my new River North – RiNo Denver Fire Clay Lofts home from downtown and ran into Aaron and another guy at the front gate. For purposes of full disclosure, I should probably mention that I was wearing a bike helmet.

C: Hey, Aaron.

Aaron: Who are you?

Other Guy: That’s our new neighbor. You told me about her, Aaron. You’re Carolyn, right?

C: That’s me.

Aaron: That’s not her. When I met her the other day, she wasn’t wearing a bike helmet.

C: Hello, I’m right here. I’m part of this conversation.

Aaron: Were you or were you not wearing a bike helmet the other day?

C: I appreciate the shift to second person. Also, it’s very possible I was not.

Aaron: Are you sure you’re my new neighbor? You don’t look like her.

Other Guy: Aaron, stop being so rude. She’s darling.

C: I am darling. It’s true. Dear friend of Aaron’s, what’s your name?

Other Guy: Ronnie. Pleasure to meet you. And welcome to Fire Clay!

Aaron: Ronnie’s not my friend. He’s my husband.

C: Okie doke.

Aaron: I just wanted you to know he’s my husband.

C: Smart move. Now I probably won’t try to fight you for him.

Aaron: I also want to tell you that you click around in heels a lot.

C: That sounds like me. I’m constantly wearing heels, especially when I’m home cooking dinner, cleaning, working.

Aaron: It’s really loud. I meant to say something.

C: Well, you just did. So … mission accomplished.

Ronnie: Aaron, don’t be rude. She’s darling!

C: Again, that’s very true.

Aaron: Ronnie’s very nice.

C: Yes, he is. You, on the other hand, could use some work.

Aaron: I am very sorry. You are darling, and I love you.

[A 14-minute hug ensues, during which time Aaron affirms my darlingness 1,498,325 times.]

Aaron: So are you going to stop clicking around in heels?

C: Not a chance.

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