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Random Key Collection

random key collection -

I have a large random key collection. It includes every key I have ever owned. I can’t ever ditch them. What if I need them?

Normally I pack 14 minutes before I leave for a trip. Not this time. I packed and repacked for four days straight. For this Washington, DC, trip (Mount Rainier, Maryland) from March through May, I need casual clothing, business clothing, workout clothing, cold weather clothing, and spring clothing. And books, papers, notes, files, and research.

I filled the world’s largest hardshell suitcase and jumped on it to shut it. It worked! It worked until it popped open, spewing all my belongings. Jumping/spewing story cut short, I locked the suitcase with a weird key from my random key collection. I keep these keys because that may one day have a future use.

Weird Key Collection: Um, may have a future use or DOES have a current use?

C: Does, does, and does! Rock on, weird key collection!

Now that I knew how to lock up that bad boy, I decided to pack more. However, the weird key wouldn’t unlock the suitcase. I popped the key into the lock, and the key was all, “um, not gonna happen.”

C: You’re letting me down, weird key collection.

Weird Key Collection: We’re keys. Stop talking to us.

Yesterday, my friend Sharron picked me up to take me to the airport.

Sharron: Wow. That’s a lot of luggage.

C: Thank you.

Sharron: It looks heavy.

C: Looks can be deceiving.

Sharron: I can’t lift your luggage.

C: Looks can also be spot on.

Sharron: How are you going to get the luggage to the car?

C: How are you going to get the luggage to the car?

Sharron: I guess I’ll drag the luggage to the car.

C: Well it’s not going to drag itself.

Sharron: I’m going to miss you while you’re gone.

C: Duh.

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