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Friday Scuttlebutt Involving Limited Violence

Friday scuttlebutt -

The Friday scuttlebutt — wherein I don’t blow up my house and I do consider selling my car, stealing a British car, and punching Angela.

Angela’s back. Remember her? She’s the lady who screams in the Fire Clay Lofts parking lot in the wee hours of the morn. Well, she has a friend called Cassandra. I know this cause Angela screamed Cassandra’s name 492 times at 2 a.m. On a completely unrelated note, I have the desire to punch Angela 492 times.

Last night, the BBC did an interview with a reporter at Wired magazine. It was hard to hear the reporter over the car alarm in the background. After the interview, the BBC reporter noted that if listeners were annoyed by the car alarm, just consider what the Wired staff went through since the alarm went off nonstop all day.

I so want to steal that car.

I bought a little BBQ grill. It’s so stinking cute that I want to hug it. I’m also slightly terrified of it. Mainly cause it includes four pages of instructions explaining how not to use it while not blowing up your house.

Now that I’ve moved, it takes 45 minutes to bike to my gym. That’s 1.5 hours roundtrip for you English majors out there. Does cycling count as my cardio? Can I just do weights at the gym, or do I need to throw in some treadmill time as well?

I ask these questions because I’m thinking of selling my RAV4 and going sans vehicle. Thing is, the RAV needs thousands of dollars of fix-ups, and I’m about mentally + financially done with it. (Though it has saved me in a pinch more times than I can count. I’m secretly fond of the RAV.)

To recap, I would be without a car. Here’s what I’m thinking. Use the RAV4 sale cash (estimate: $800) to buy a geared hybrid comfy cruiser-type model. Then I would have two cruiser bikes for tooling about town, the Peugeot road bike, and the hybrid for 45+-minute trips.

I need a new French press filter. Preferably one that actually filters coffee grounds. All this by way of saying that I just finished my coffee and need to take a blog break and floss.

That’s the Friday scuttlebutt. Later, gator.

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  1. When my midlife crisis strikes (and when we move to a more hospitable climate…have to time the two of those), I am going to buy a scooter and putt around town on it.

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