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the novel - james reiss -

The Novel (James Reiss)

After “Gatsby” and “Catcher” and Gaddis it didn’t look back. It honed its approach for cell-phone mini-books, then buffed up, tried on smirks, and tramped

price of history - jeffrey mcdaniel - Carolyn Daughters

The Price of History

The Price of History Jeffrey McDaniel You’re at a bus stop, wool hat tugged down. Slush sprays up from the trees of a bus wheezing

Matthew Deshe Cashion - My Stepsister's Music -

My Stepsister’s Music

My Stepsister’s Music — When my mother’s third husband took me thirty years ago to see his daughter from his first marriage smash the cymbals

in a country - Larry Levis -

In a Country

In a Country — My love and I are inventing a country, which we can already see taking shape, as if wheels were passing through

Pelicans in December - J. Allyn Rosser -

Pelicans in December

Pelicans in December (J. Allyn Rosser) One can’t help admiring their rickety grace and old-world feathers like seasoned boardwalk planks. They pass in silent pairs,

Billy Collins - Some Days -

Some Days

Some Days — Poem by Billy Collins Some days I put the people in their places at the table, bend their legs at the knees,

Let Evening Come (Jane Kenyon) -

Let Evening Come

Let Evening Come (Jane Kenyon) Let the light of late afternoon shine through chinks in the barn, moving up the bales as the sun moves

When a Child Asks About Angels

When a Child Asks About Angels (Stuart Dischell) When my brother was swept away in a culvert During a flash flood and into a drainpipe

ancient script - Robert Morgan -

Ancient Script

Ancient Script – Robert Morgan The crows in fields of snowy drifts resemble black cuneiform, perhaps a poem from the time of Sumer or Akkad,

Dan Chiasson - Man and Derailment -

Man and Derailment

Man and Derailment — When the man took his son down the ravine to view, along the opposite bank, the pileup of a passenger train,

Carolyn Daughters - Denver Hidden Gems

Denver Hidden Gems Interview

I’m honored to be featured in Voyage Denver’s “Denver Hidden Gems” series. In the interview, we discuss perseverance, storytelling, and my work and my brand.

Covers - Kathryn Cowles -

Covers (Kathryn Cowles)

Covers – I learn to knit so I can knit covers for things, easy things at first covers for my hands covers for my feet

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