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Yes, Dirk Benedict, Starbuck Is a Woman

Boba Fett - Favicon

Favicon. It sounds like the name of a sci-fi convention. Did you meet George Takai and that guy who played Boba Fett at Favicon last month? You did? Well apparently you have an embarrassing amount of time on your hands. Want to donate some of that time to helping me build a better blog? Cause, dude, you so need to stop telling people you attended Favicon. I’m doing you a favor here. For real. You’re welcome.

I need a favicon, which is another word for a shortcut icon associated with a webpage or blog. Actually, I may not need one cause I may have uploaded one this morning. Problem is I don’t know how to test it. Is it working? How would I know? And does it work on a PC and a Mac? On IE, Safari, and Firefox? Google? Opera? Is there really a browser called Opera, and if so why aren’t I using it? (“Are you on IE or Safari?” “Me? I’m on Opera, so suck it.”) I also need an easier way for readers to register for blog updates. And lots of other bloggy stuff besides.

I need tech support. Stat.

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