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At My Wits End Brewing

wits end brewing -

I was hired to write a story about Wits End Brewing. And then the publication cut the story without giving me a heads up. Yikes.

A few months back, a Denver publication hired me to write a story on new taprooms. It was my job to visit five breweries, interview the owners, taste the beers, and recommend the best ones. And I was paid to do it.

When I finished the article, the publication asked me to add three more taprooms to the list. Here in Denver it’s hard to keep up with the burgeoning beer scene. Three more interviews, tastings, sets of recommendations. Poor me!

It was the best gig ever. Sort of. See, the article went to print this month, and with zero heads up the publication cut three of the taprooms from the article, including my fave, Wits End Brewing.

Wit’s End is run by founder Scott Witsoe, the most passionate brewer this side of anywhere. Laid off from his job in 2011, Scott didn’t sulk or complain. Instead, he “decided to take a chance and pull the trigger on this crazy idea of owning a brewery.” Says Scott, “Brewing—the whole creative process—is a labor of love.”

If you’re in Denver, be sure to check out this Cheers-like hidden gem in an industrial setting run by the friendliest brewer in town. And be sure to try the Green Man (IPA/red ale), Wilford (oatmeal IPA), and Jean-Claude Van Blonde. Or ask Scott for recommendations. He’ll probably be sitting at the bar chatting with his patrons, so you may as well seek out his advice.

And how’s Scott doing now that the article appeared sans mention of Wit’s End? He feels disillusioned. Let down. Me? I’m frustrated. After all, I led Scott to believe his taproom would be in the publication, which has a monthly readership of 75,000+. I’m not sure how to make up for the lost press, but I’m open to creative suggestions. I’d like to right this wrong if such a thing is possible.

4 Responses

  1. Well I will go there with you and have a couple beers to help right this wrong!
    How about on Friday? We will have to invite FireCrotch also.
    And that other one, too.

  2. Is wit’s end your favorite because of the brew? Or because it is filled with what looks like a bunch of single, available men?

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