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Why You Need Yoast SEO

why you need yoast seo - Carolyn Daughters

You built an online business. You crank out tons of blogs, yet only thirty people visit your site daily. That’s why you need Yoast SEO.

WordPress + Yoast for the Win

Yoast is the best free SEO tool in the universe. (For clarification, I’m not an employee, affiliate, or investor in Yoast.) To stand a chance of outranking your competition, first build your site in WordPress. Not a WordPress alternative — WordPress. And then add the Yoast plugin.

“But I’ve heard Wix is easier to use,” you might say. “I’ve heard WordPress is challenging and has fewer custom design features. I want to customize my site so it looks how I want it to look. And I’ve heard WordPress is old school, and Wix and Squarespace and Weebly are the wave of the future!”

Wow. Marketing is amazing. I work in the marketing field, yet every day I’m blown away by the successful marketing techniques that businesses like Wix and Squarespace and Weebly use.

WordPress is the market leader in website builder platforms (42% of all sites are built on WordPress). Nonetheless, I’ve seen more terrible Wix sites than all of the WordPress sites I’ve ever come across. The truth: few businesses know what their site should look like or how to design it.

The worst part? Most Wix and Squarespace and Weebly sites usually have problematic SEO. That’s why Zoom, Microsoft, Etsy, Zillow, and thousands upon other thousands of other sites for companies large and small are built on WordPress.

Just Do This … Please

Your site was built by you, your cousin Timmy (in exchange for a case of beer), or your costly web developer (amazing design aesthetic but little knowledge of how to attract site visitors and convert those visitors into customers). And that site probably does not do what you want it to do.

Do this:

  1. Build your site in WordPress.
  2. Do exactly what this home page template tells you to do.
  3. Load and start using the free Yoast SEO plug-in.
  4. Pour yourself a drink and put your feet up for a few minutes. You’ve earned it.

Yes, You Need Yoast SEO

The Wix or Squarespace site you built won’t have anything close to the SEO your WordPress site will — so long as you use Yoast. Here’s the Yoast SEO analysis of this very blog:

  • Outbound links: Good job!

  • Internal links: You have enough internal links. Good job!

  • Keyphrase in introduction: Well done!

  • Keyphrase length: Good job!

  • Keyphrase density: The focus keyphrase was found 8 times. This is great!

  • Keyphrase in meta description: Keyphrase appears in the meta description. Well done!

  • Meta description length: Well done!

  • Previously used keyphrase: You’ve not used this keyphrase before, very good.

  • Keyphrase in subheading: 1 of your H2 and H3 subheadings reflects the topic of your copy. Good job!

  • Image alt attributes: Good job!

  • Text length: The text contains 646 words. Good job!

  • Keyphrase in title: The exact match of the focus keyphrase appears at the beginning of the SEO title. Good job!

  • SEO title width: Good job!

  • Keyphrase in slug: Great work!


While I don’t need a plug-in to tell me my SEO is spot on, it sure as hell saves time — time I could be spending doing work for my company, my clients, and the students in my courses.

And use this free high-converting home page template. It’s a game changer. For real.

Why You Need Yoast SEO

If you build it, they won’t come — unless you use a free tool like Yoast SEO.

I’m not affiliated with Yoast. I am affiliated with pulling back the veil to empower small businesses to win hearts, minds, deals, and dollars. My next free master class will be the best hour you’ve spent on marketing in a long time. All real-world, actionable info; no smoke, mirrors, BS, or fluff.

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