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The Ten Happiest Jobs

ten happiest jobs -

What are the ten happiest jobs? You can be certain that both of my jobs fit the bill. The only downside? I have two jobs.

In a New York Times article, philosopher Todd May wrote that a meaningful life must “feel worthwhile. The person living the life must be engaged by it. A life of commitment to causes that are generally defined as worthy — like feeding and clothing the poor or ministering to the ill — but that do not move the person participating in them will lack meaningfulness …. However, for a life to be meaningful, it must also be worthwhile. Engagement in a life of tiddlywinks does not rise to the level of a meaningful life, no matter how gripped one might be by the game.”

In 2011, Forbes listed the 10 happiest jobs (according to a survey by the University of Chicago’s National Organization for Research). Here they are:

1. Clergy

2. Firefighters

3. Physical therapists

4. Authors

5. Special education teachers

6. Teachers

7. Artists

8. Psychologists

9. Financial services sales agents

10. Operating engineers

The people who hold these jobs tend to feel their work is worthwhile. They’re engaged by and passionate about what they do. They get up each day knowing the stakes are high and they have important work to tackle.

And the fact that authors, teachers, and artists are included in this group? Love. This.

I love it because none of the top ten jobs are “Jeff Bezos,” “Elon Musk,” executioner, telemarketer, marketing guru, PR expert, paparazzo, hacker, or Wall Street financier.

I also love it because I’m an author (artist) and a teacher. My gig? Helping people understand the world differently. Opening people’s eyes and bringing clarity where haziness used to live. Enabling people to listen better and see further and use words differently and process information in whole new ways.

It’s a pretty sweet gig, I’m not going to lie.

5 Responses

  1. I wonder how people in rural parts of the world with no real amenities (westernized worthy) and or access to modern information/technology rate some of the jobs above? I would lean towards them choosing those that relate to everyday with them? Writing and story telling might be one?

  2. Clergy, teachers, writers, artists might rank pretty high in the developing world for sure. But then I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying, Jason. But then it’s this lack of understanding that forms the basis of our friendship. IMO. 😉

  3. I can’t wait! I was actually thinking about putting in a request for that very topic, but wasn’t sure if requests were allowed in Blog World.

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