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Squares and Angles

square and angles -

Squares and Angles (Alfonsina Storni)

Houses in a line, in a line,
In a line there,
Squares, squares, squares,
Even people now have square souls,
Ideas in file, I declare,
And on their shoulders, angles wear.
Just yesterday I shed a tear and it
Oh, God, was square!


Casas enfiladas, casas enfiladas,
casas enfiladas.
Cuadrados, cuadrados, cuadrados.
Casas enfiladas.
Las gentes ya tienen el alma cuadrada,
ideas enfilay
y ángulo en la espalda.
Yo misma he vertido ayer una lágrima,
Dios mio, cuadrada.


Cuadrados y Angulos, Alfonsina Storni (1892-1938)

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