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Rocky Mountain Lesotho

Rocky Mountain Lesotho

On Friday, I discovered Colorado rugby. I also discovered a town called Glendale that’s surrounded by the City of Denver. Like a Rocky Mountain Lesotho. Or San Marino

Glendale took on Australian Army, a team composed of the best rugby players in Australia’s national army. Let’s just say the Glendale team got a whooping.

Did you know rugby players throw the ball BACKWARD? For real. It’s awesome.

There’s mauling and scrums and guys being lifted into the air and two 40-minute halves where 15 players on each team rock it out nonstop.

Six bucks gets you in the door. And they serve Guinness and Strongbow inside. Glendale’s Infinity Park holds 4,000 people, and the stadium was maybe 1/4 full. Probably cause, like me, no one else in Denver has ever heard of this little Rocky Mountain Lesotho. It’s like a little gem of a town buried inside a C. S. Lewis wardrobe. Or a little enclave located atop a clover inhabited by 96 daughters whose names all begin with “H” and one small yopper named JoJo.

Or both. Or neither.

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