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Madagascar Snow Day

Madagascar snow day -

It’s a Madagascar snow day here in Denver. No meetings til the afternoon, so I’m going to spend my morning sitting inside, drinking Earl Grey, and watching the snow fall. And writing. Not too shabby.

I’m toying with the idea of getting an around-the-world ticket starting next summer or so. Chris Guillebeau has warned that researching these tickets is like having a brand-new full-time job. Dude, no kidding. I’m losing my mind over here trying to research this stuff.

I wonder what it would feel like to be bored.

Depending on the flight legs you choose and the total number of miles, the ticket can cost anywhere from $3K to $16K. My goal is to get a ticket around $4.5K with 15 travel segments averaging around $300 each. Some of the places I’m hoping to hit include Prague, Morocco, Egypt, Johannesburg, Turkey, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, and New Zealand. I may leave out Central and South America. Been there, done some of that. But who knows.

And Madagascar. Hence the Madagascar snow day.

Last night I dreamt of Madagascar. In the dream, it was located just off the fifth coast of the U.S., maybe an hour or so from Colorado. In the dream, some friends and I arrived in Madagascar and crashed at a stranger’s fancy digs. We paid for our stay by cleaning the house, which was already immaculate and required little effort. Our hosts wined and dined us, then took us ice hopping through Madagascar’s famed glacier fields.

They speak French there. In Madagascar. That’s a plus. And they have lemurs. Lemurs seem roughly fourteen kinds of awesome.

I recently saw a porcupine on an old ep of The Office, and I was all, holy crap is that creature cute. But you could never hug it. Ever.

I’m hoping to see the Nuns of Brixton on Saturday. They’re the only Clash cover band that matters (TM Nuns of Brixton). Denver punk veterans dressed as nuns singing “London Calling.” I’m not sure it gets better than that. Except that Friday is doomsday (TM Mayan Calendar). I’m thinking maybe the Nuns should have scheduled their show a day earlier?

And on a more somber note — at the gym yesterday, every TV was turned to the ongoing coverage of Newtown. Correction: Every station showed the killer’s face and the killer’s name. Jack Pinto and Noah Pozner. They were put to rest on Monday. Yesterday James Mattioli and Jessica Rekos were buried. I know the names of both Columbine killers, but I can’t tell you the name of any of the Columbine victims. Enough.

Back to the snow here in Colorado. It’s the sideways kind that comes from a wind something terrible. It’s an amazing day to be inside. I hope it’s an amazing day for you to be inside, outside, in Colorado, in Madagascar. Wherever you are.

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