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LUNA Bars for Halloween

LUNA bars for Halloween -

Ring my doorbell, and you get LUNA bars for Halloween. The fudge-graham bars taste like heaven. If heaven tastes like a dirt pile, that is.

Hey there! It’s National Blog Posting Month. No foolin. So I’m starting my new blog today. Hope you pop in from time to time to see what’s up + forward the site to others who might be interested. When I blogged a few years back, I had a reader base that swelled up to six people (Michele, Heather, Laurie, Maura, Debbie, and some coworker of Debbie’s I’ve never met–rock on, random coworker!). I’m hoping to up the ante a bit this go around …

So, about last night … My plan was to get home about 8:15, dart into the house, change clothes, and skedaddle to the gym. I parked out front around 8:15 and was followed to the front stoop by a swarm of children.

Kids: Trick or treat!

C: I’m not home.

Boy kid: Are you sure?

C: Yes. [C proceeds to unlock the door and enter.]

Kids: Trick or treat!

C: You’re still here? Really?

Kids: Trick or treat!

C: Maybe my roommate bought some candy or something. Nope. Don’t see a thing.

Kids: Trick or treat!

C: Jesus Christ. Hold on. [C darts to the kitchen and quickly returns.] Okay, I’ve got Zone bars and LUNA bars. What’s your poison?

[silence ensues]

C: Zone bars or LUNA bars? Take your pick.

Girl kid: What flavor LUNA bar?

C: Cherry and apple. [C scrounges through the box.] Scratch that. Apple.

Girl kid: I’ll take it.

Other kids: Trick or treat!

C: Diehards, eh? Okie doke. Zone bar for you, Luna bar for you, Zone bar for you, …

Boy kid: Are they like granola bars?

C: You wish.

[collective groan]

Boy kid: [holds up his LUNA bar] Fudge graham flavor sounds good.

C: I know, right? But, oh God, it’s terrible. Really bad.

New group of kids: Trick or treat!


New group of kids: Trick or treat!

C: Fine. I’ve got Zone bars and Luna bars. And cans of soup.

Girl kid: LUNA bars for Halloween?

Boy kid: What kind of soup?

C: You’re killing me.

8 Responses

  1. I will take the soup. We ran out of candy and had to give out stuff from the pantry. Lucky we had microwave popcorn.

  2. We should have combined. We had tons of candy and only one group of tall, teenage girls, all giggling and clamoring for the Reeses Pieces. Today, the little bags of M&Ms went into a zip lock bag and are now firmly ensconced in the freezer – you can have them next year unless your doorbell ringers just prefer soup.

  3. Next year Halloween will be on October 31st again. Please be sure to buy candy in advance. That’s what people do. You can probably expect your house to get t.p.ed. Luna bars for Halloween????????????????? OMG!

  4. We were the hippest on the block – the teens got sodas. They were like WOW, this house gave us Pepsi. I do feel inferior though, I’ll take Campbell’s Chicken Noodle.

  5. Rita and Nancy, I LOVE that you distributed food from the pantry + soda. That? Is awesome. Andi, I’ll gladly take a couple of bags of M&Ms off your hands next time I see you. Jen, I’ll devote an entire future blog to your fantasy football pics. Be on the lookout. Michelle, I haven’t yet had time to research these “facts” you’re throwing at me. October 31, you say? I’m so tired of these new-fangled holidays.

    So far the house hasn’t been egged or TPed. I guess those Zone bars taste better than I thought …

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