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Leadville Landing (Because I’m a Pilot!)

Leadville Landing -

After we made our Leadville landing (I’m using the royal “we” here), I started telling everyone I’m a pilot. All cause Bob Penner said so.

I got some fab pics on Tuesday’s plane ride. Really fantastic. But what would have made the pics even better? If I’d been capturing images from the front passenger seat.

I tried.

Howard: Why are you sitting in my seat?

C: It’s my seat. Bob Penner says I’m a pilot.

Howard: What?

C: I have a certificate and everything. From our Leadville landing. Leadville is North America’s highest public use airport at an altitude of 9934 feet.

Howard: I’ve heard of Leadville. You know, cause I’m a Colorado pilot and all.

C: Yeah, well you probably didn’t know the exact altitude. Am I right? Anyhow, get in the back.

Howard: You get in the back.

C: Fine.

Colorado’s mountains are glorious no matter your vantage point. But hovering above them from a four-seater? Well, they’re something even more spectacular altogether.

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