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Josh Whedon Zombie Apocalypse

Josh Whedon zombie apocalypse -

Josh Whedon zombie apocalypse video. It’s exactly what your day is missing. Well, it’s missing the video AND the posters’ comments. Holy macaroni salad.


Can someone tell me why only the dumbest 1% of the population comments on social posts? Seriously, I”m hoping someone can tell me. Here are just a few of the bazillion comments people made about the video:

josh whedon is a cuckolded beta faggot. he’s doin the dished while his wife is getting gang f—– by blacks upstairs. the typical obama voter in other words.



its decided i am voting for romney…….cant wait for december!!!!! but seriously im voting for romney now

There’s just one question do you want it now or in 4 years when Mitt try’s to get reelected

Ight this dumb f— knows nothing look at him living alone in like his .30s close to his 40s but I voted for 2008 and I am f—— disappointed so I know Mitt Romney will do better

Wow. I mean wow + holy hell + what?

I think the U.S. should pass a new law that says troglodyte YouTube commenters (regardless whether they’re super-fast zombies or the old-school weirdo shambling kind) lose the right to the franchise, meaning they can’t vote or do anything at any time that could possibly matter. Oh, and they also lose the right to open stores, restaurants, or businesses, and they can’t make more Star Wars films under the George Lucas label or the Disney label or any label. Period. Cause some people are too stupid to have a franchise of any damn kind.

This rant was not brought to you by the Josh Whedon zombie apocalypse or the Avengers or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Quite possibly brought to you by Ayn Rand, Undead Objectivist President of the Nightmare Zombie Wasteland.

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