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I Think in Stories

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A woman called Rachel questioned the truth behind a story told by Sugar. Sugar’s response? “I think in stories.” Storytellers pay attention. Spot on, girlfriend.

Here’s what Sugar had to say:

I promise you, Rachel, all those things are true. I wouldn’t write them here if they weren’t. In my “real life” I write both fiction and memoir and I consider my Sugar columns to be memoir, so I take the “truth” very seriously in my columns. (I put “truth” in quotes because this truth I’m telling here is my truth–subjective, of course.) The one thing I do is change slight details to protect other people’s privacy. …

Your question is one I get a lot–as Sugar and as myself–and I think there are a couple of things at play here:

1. I have not had a sheltered life. Not remotely. And my experiences have been widely varied–so much so that it’s a bit ridiculous and my friends often tease me about it. I’m aware that life comes across as less true than fiction at times, which is why you have your doubts, but what can I say except to tell you that I am telling you the truth? Frankly, I’ve barely tapped into my history in this column. There is *much* Sugar has yet to reveal.

2. I am a writer and huge part of being a writer is paying attention. I think in stories. I take note. I remember details and gestures and dialogues. I narrate stories to myself in my head and I always have. Because I think in stories, those stories and experiences come to me when I contemplate the questions that people send to me. My stories are often the best answer I have.

There are many more stories to tell. We’ve only begun, sweet pea.

Thank you all for your very kind words. I so appreciate you reading my column.



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