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Bittersweet Memorys [sic]

bittersweet memorys -

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Hi i Dave, i am looking for a man or woman to write a book about me. Its a life story of smalltown dreams and the long road to personal achevement. I am org from Hershey Pa and was laidoff from Harley Davidison Motor assembly in York Pa back in March of 09: i want ro call it “Bittersweet Memorys” form Hershey to Harley.a life stoty and screan play for Chritfre Walkin as my Alholic step father and other old time actors who can act. It starts in Black in white and goes thru different styles of old viewing techniques. I want to play a pary in the movie .i am Very Serious and i thought you would be able to help me transcribe my story to words. Thank you Dave. 🙂 u can call me im Not a Dick Weed just a Man with alot on my mind and sholders. Thanks again . [phone number removed] ; im serious and respectful.tks

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