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Best Copywriters Ever! Right Here! We Promise!

Best Copywriters Ever! Right Here! We Promise!

Are you hiring the “best copywriters ever,” or are you hiring hacks? Here’s the truth about the good, the bad, and the would-be Starbucks barristas.

I began my career as a copywriter, and I have a soft spot in my heart for anyone who writes for a living. The most common response I got when I submitted a copywriting bid: “Did you know your competitors charge less? Like way less?”

Every freelance copywriter has received 432 requests like this: “I need you to knock out a 20-page technical white paper. It’ll need research and subject matter expert interviews and a couple iterations. My budget is $100. We cool?”

All copywriters are not created equal. The good ones won’t undersell themselves by producing high-value content at low hourly rates or low flat fees. (The same holds true for agencies and freelancers who provide design, photography, SEO, or any other kind of marketing support.)

Those looking to go the bargain route can hire freelancers on Fiverr for pennies on the dollar. (Disclosure: I own Fiverr stock. By all means, don’t stop hiring Fiverrs on my account.) Or you can pay a service that acts as a middleman.

One Colorado writing service says they choose only the VERY BEST, MOST TALENTED WRITERS! They say their writers have the following:

  • Awe-inspiring writing chops
  • Strong research skills
  • Impeccable grammar
  • HubSpot certifications
  • Proficiency in SEO

What does the service pay these wunderkinds? $10.50 per 300-400-word blog.

The “Best Copywriters Ever!” Experiment

For fun (or punishment—your pick), sit yourself down and write a 300-400-word blog. Do some outside research to make the post legit. Also choose an SEO keyphrase and weave it through the piece using current Google guidelines.

After you’ve drafted the blog, clean it up so it doesn’t read like a Virginia Woolf novel.

If it took you 30 minutes, then your hourly rate would be $21. If it took you 60 minutes, your hourly rate would be $10.50. If it took you 90 minutes, your hourly rate would be $7.00.

I could keep going, but I’ve already blown your mind with my math skills, so you don’t need me to keep throwing numbers at you.

60 minutes of work = $10.50. Minimum wage in Colorado = $12.32.

Let’s say these VERY BEST, MOST TALENTED WRITERS can crank out 10 blogs per day while drinking gallons of caffeinated coffee and wasting no time on pee breaks. They would be clearing $105 a day, which equates to $26K/year. (Yes, I’m aware I just broke my no more math rule.)

My recommendation: these writers should quit freelancing and instead become Starbucks baristas, who are eligible for minimum wage, health coverage, paid time off, stock options, and tuition reimbursement. If I’m ever freelancing for $105 a day, you’ll find me behind the counter at Starbucks. Just sayin’.

(That said, if you’re looking to NOT pay the bills while working your tail off, don’t let me stop you. Here are some handy tips.)

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