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Barnard Hill Park Blues

Barnard Hill Park -
Randolph Road and Eastern Ave

I got the Barnard Hill Park blues. I’m going to explain why and share a geography lesson to boot. What more could you ask for?

Brookland Metro is 2 miles away. The closest bus stop is a few blocks away on Randolph Road past Eastern Ave.

This bus stop is bananas. First, the bus follows a theoretical schedule. During peak hours the bus should arrive every 20 minutes, though I sometimes wait more than an hour for the bus. I often just walk to and from the Metro. Which is fine if it’s not raining. Or dark. Or if I’m not wearing heels.

Randolph Road, Just West of Eastern Ave

Second, Eastern Ave. divides DC and Maryland. Geography lesson! There’s just a crazy amount of educating that goes on in this blog. It’s all education all the time around here. You’re welcome.

Here’s the deal. The bus stop is in DC, but the people who use the bus stop live in Maryland. Why does this matter? It matters because to get to this bus stop I have to trek across Barnard Hill Park or walk up the road. See, DC won’t fund a sidewalk used by Marylanders, and Maryland won’t fund a sidewalk located in DC.

Trekking across Barnard Hill Park is fine if it’s not raining. Or dark. Or if I’m not wearing heels. Walking up the road is also fine so long as no cars are present. In case you weren’t aware, DC drivers are very angry. Their commutes are 14 hours long, and taking the bus isn’t an option because of the aforementioned theoretical schedules and weird geography. In short, DC drivers who pass me on the road like to honk and yell things. Let’s just say I prefer the trek through Barnard Hill Park.

I have four pairs of shoes here in DC, and all four are coated in Barnard Hill Park mud. It’s an attractive look, I’m not going to lie to you.

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