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Marketing Boot Camp

The only step-by-step marketing essentials course that empowers small businesses – and the teams that support them – to win hearts, minds, deals, and dollars.

Marketing Boot Camp is for small business teams, solopreneurs, copywriters, freelancers, and virtual assistants ready to learn the art and science of creating powerful marketing content. Want to attract an audience that understands your value, trusts you, and buys from you? I’ll show you how.

The next 6-week digital course begins August 24, 2021. Enroll now or get on the list to receive a reminder closer to the start date.

difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations - Carolyn Daughters

Drawing upon two decades of experience as a chief marketing officer, brand strategist, and persuasive writing instructor …

I’ve built a foundational, get-up-and-running marketing process for:
  • Small businesses struggling to gain traction and unsure how to market their companies
  • Solopreneurs who wear 20 hats, work 12-hour days, and run their whole damn show
  • Entrepreneurs tired of hiring subpar freelancers to produce subpar work
  • Assistants who handle site, blog, and social media content (whether they like it or not)
  • Copywriters, content developers, and virtual assistants who want to stand out from the pack of order takers, fakes, posers, and frauds
  • Anyone spending endless hours performing random acts of marketing and wishing they could turn back time and simply hand out brochures, circa 1992

By the end of the 6-week Crack the Code Marketing Boot Camp …

  1. Your brand will go from vanilla dullsville to amazing chocolate fudge brownie. (Plug in your fave Ben and Jerry’s flavor, though it should probably be chocolate fudge brownie, because c’mon now.)
  2. You will experience fast win after fast win because your audience will immediately understand what you do, why they’re your target demo, what value you provide, and why you’re different.
  3. Your homepage will work for you rather than against you, positioning you to convert prospects into clients.
  4. Your blogs will solidify you as an industry expert by addressing real needs and answering important questions.
  5. You’ll learn how to make SEO your friend so your audience can actually find your blogs and other content.
  6. You’ll reinforce your credibility (and Google presence) by creating backlinks and posting clear baseline information on relevant social media pages.
  7. You’ll know how to create and distribute practical, actionable content that keeps your brand top of mind.
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We'll Do Great Things Together. But Don't Take My Word for It ...

Carolyn is top notch! Savvy, well-researched, and always thoughtful, this sharp lady has talent abound. A wordsmith and a brand master, Carolyn is creative and quick! I thoroughly enjoy working with her and can’t wait to bring her in on another project!
Kim Scott
Kim Scott
Principal & Creative Director, Twist Design Group
Carolyn is exceptional. She is quick to understand client projects -- what they mean & why they matter. Her work aids good business development. She wins over subject matter experts and judges at the national award level. I trust and recommend her most highly.
Lynn Watson
Lynn Watson
Senior Advisor, DIPRA
Carolyn's marketing courses brought our company identity into focus and helped establish market segment leadership. Her insistence on high-quality, highly detailed work elevated our brand. I highly recommend her as a "corporate therapist" and marketing expert.
Michael Van der Linden
CEO, Linden Botanicals
I have had the pleasure of working with Carolyn in many contexts, including on my dissertation and published articles. I also recruited Carolyn to teach graduate writing courses at the University of Colorado. She's a consummate professional, one of the best colleagues and instructors in the business. I endorse her without hesitation!
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Spaulding Ryan
Technical Program Manager, TikTok
Carolyn has a keen understanding of the art and power of written word and a sharp eye for technical details. She is able to seamlessly create brand-centric strategic content. She has a strong understanding of a prospect's journey and harnesses the power of marketing to effectively engage through various channels. She's an asset to any team.
Bree Sasson
Bree Sasson
Sales & Technology Lead, CEAVCO
Many of my successes implementing design conferences are tied to Carolyn and her ability to think critically and create solutions that move the needle. For an inaugural design conference, we crafted a marketing plan and strategic KPIs. I still structure events based on our collaboration. She's a creative, business savvy professional. Highly recommend.
Jason Belaire
Jason Belaire
Chair, Industrial Designers Society of America

If This Sounds Like You, You Need This Course ...

  • You’re spending too many hours on frustrating, energy-sucking DIY marketing that doesn’t move the needle.
  • You’re constantly being told your website looks like your cousin Timmy designed it, you should blog more, and you should try SEO.
  • You’re creating website, blog, and social media content but you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • You’re hiring one rando after another to handle your marketing, social media, SEO, and blogs.
  • You’re wondering how to create content that stands out in a crowded marketplace where “everyone’s an expert!”
  • You’re wishing a real expert would tell you exactly what to do and exactly how to do it instead of feeding you the same old marketing BS.

What’s Inside Crack the Code Marketing Boot Camp​

Excellent question! You’ll build a marketing foundation that will position you to grow your visibility — and your business — with confidence.

The main reason you get overwhelmed with all the marketing tactics out there is because they aren’t rooted in a solid foundation and strategic framework that deliver a consistent payoff. By the time you’ve finished Module 01, you’ll have clarity on who you want to attract and how you will support them.


In this 6-week program, you’ll have everything you need to:

  • Identify and articulate what makes your brand/company UNIQUE and what clear value you provide.
  • Create a home page that converts suspects into prospects and prospects into customers.
  • Perform SEO/keyword research to turn your content into a marketing engine.
  • Write blogs that provide exceptional value to your audience and bring home the SEO bacon.
  • Create lead magnets that draw and engage your audience and build your email list.
  • Create social media pages and backlinks that build your audience and reinforce your good name.

Crack the Code Marketing Boot Camp Highlights

Module 01 – Brand Builder Blueprint

Here’s where you’ll nail down your brand identity to give your audience IMMEDIATE CLARITY.
  1. Who are you at your core?
  2. What exactly do you do?
  3. Who do you do it for?
  4. What value do you provide?
You’ll learn how to craft language that attracts and engages your audience. Your brand identity will be so crystal clear that even your mother will finally know what you do and be able to send referrals your way.
Marketing Boot Camp - Niche Builder Blueprint

Module 02 – Market Niche Maximizer

Here’s where you’ll nail down your specific niche to show your audience why you — and only you.
  1. Who exactly is your target audience?
  2. Who exactly is your competition?
  3. How are you different from your competition?
  4. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?
You’ll learn how to speak directly to your audience in a way that compels them to pay attention.

Module 03 – Home Page Prototype

Here’s where you’ll nail down what your home page should look like from top to bottom.
  1. What goes in the top banner and nav?
  2. What’s your tagline, and where does it go?
  3. What benefits do you offer, and where should you list them?
  4. Where should your calls to action be located?
  5. Should you include client logos and testimonials?
You’ll learn how to craft home page language that connects with your audience and converts visitors into prospects and prospects into customers.
home page design - website content - Carolyn Daughters
SEO - Carolyn Daughters

Module 04 – SEO Starter

If you build it, they won’t come UNLESS you have a smart SEO strategy. Here’s where you’ll learn how to build an SEO engine that makes it impossible for Google – and your audience – to ignore you.
  1. How can you choose relevant key phrases?
  2. How can you “get found” by Google?
  3. What tools and resources simplify SEO efforts?
You’ll learn how to improve your site’s rankings in search results to attract more traffic and convert that traffic into more targeted prospects and customers.

Module 05 – Blog Builder Basics

Here’s where you’ll learn how to build high-value content on a consistent basis in order to show your audience that you’re the real deal.

  1. What does your audience want to know
  2. What are their challenges and pain points?
  3. What tips, strategies, and fast wins can you share
  4. How can you show value BEFORE they hire you?
You’ll learn how to become a recognized expert and your prospects’ #1 go to source for timely information that matters.
blog builder basics - Carolyn Daughters
brand promotion blueprint - Carolyn Daughters

Module 06 – Brand Promotion Plan

Here’s where you’ll learn to generate and share a steady stream of high-value content that repurposes what you’ve already created.  
  1. How to build your social media pages
  2. How to post regularly to those pages
  3. How to create lead magnets that convert
  4. How to automate email marketing 
You’ll learn how to create content that engages your audience from every direction and then promote that content to drive traffic from a wide variety of sources.

Crack the Code Marketing Boot Camp is the only program you’ll need to master 6 marketing essentials in 6 short weeks.

Here’s what you’ll get:

The Entire Crack the Code Marketing Framework
to take you from just getting started to learning everything you need to know to get up and running — all without guessing your way to success or getting stuck in overwhelm.

6 Modules with 20 Lessons Delivered Over 6 Weeks
covering brand building, market niching, home page architecture, SEO basics, blog building, and brand promotions.

Clear Roadmap for Marketing Your Business Like a Pro
so you can continue to grow your business long after you complete the course. Go from frustration and confusion to incredible clarity about what you need to do and how you need to do it.
Lifetime Access to All Course Materials
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee



Bonuses to Get Your Marketing Show on the Road



($297 value)

Six 60-minute weekly Q&A sessions with me and with other Crack the Code Marketing Boot Camp students.

No matter where you are in your journey, you’ll get guidance about your biggest marketing challenges and answers to your most pressing marketing questions.

What you’ll get:
  • Marketing strategies and best practices that will give you forward momentum.
  • Fresh content ideas for growing your audience.
  • Downloadable recording each week that you can revisit to reference past questions.



($147 value)

A landing page, also known as a “lead capture page,” is a lead generation web page that’s part of a microsite or part of your main website. The page appears when someone clicks on a marketing promotion, marketing email, or digital ad.

It’s common to underthink the design of a landing page, which is why many pages don’t convert well. It’s also possible to overthink the landing page design. (After all, perfection is the enemy of progress.)

Use this blueprint to get high-converting landing pages up and running in as little as an hour.

Carolyn Daughters - Landing Page Blueprint




Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Google, HubSpot, Zoom, Mailchimp, PayPal, Skype, Slack, Venmo, Yelp, and 110 others.

A total of 125 social media and brand thumbnail icons (128×128 pixels) for you to have and to hold. That’s a lot of icons …

social media icons - Carolyn Daughters



($97 value)

Take the guesswork out of which social media pages you should use to promote your business.

The guide compares Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest – which ones best serve different types of businesses and the costs, benefits, and downsides of advertising on each.

This simple but powerful comparison guide covers all the bases when it comes to using social media to build an audience and promote your business.

With this bonus, you’ll be ready to increase your base of raving fans and make more consistent sales from your social media followers!


When you add it all up, that’s a total
real-world value of $2,490.

You can join Crack the Code Marketing Boot Camp today for just …





Carolyn is a breath of fresh air when it comes to working with an outside marketing agency. She's able to transform information into well-written content as well as build and execute campaign concepts flawlessly. She is an asset to anyone’s marketing team and online digital marketing strategies. It’s hard to find individuals in this space who don’t over promise and under deliver. I can assure you that Carolyn’s bark is as strong as her bite in terms of getting the job done exactly the way you need it done. It makes my job easier to be able to count on a professional like Carolyn on so many levels.​
Melissa Skipworth
Melissa Skipworth
Sr. Account Executive, Total Show Technology

And you’ll be backed by a 14-day “try it, test it” money-back guarantee

Maybe you hate all things marketing. Maybe you’ve been sold a bill of goods by “experts” who talk a good game but can’t produce. Or maybe you’ve wasted money on freelancers who turn out not to know what they’re doing.

I get it. In 2020 alone, I provided one-on-one chief marketing officer strategic guidance to more than 100 small business owners to show them how to optimize their limited marketing dollars and bounce back from bad marketing investments.

I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put Crack the Code Marketing Boot Camp into action and experience how exhilarating it is to actually know what you should do and why you’re doing it.

That’s why I’m giving you 14 days to go through the training, keep up with the lessons, and put those lessons to work.

I’m SO confident that if you implement what you learn inside of Crack the Code Marketing Boot Camp you’ll build a marketing machine that helps you grow your business. You have nothing to lose. For more details, click here.

Q&A - Crack the Code Marketing - Carolyn Daughters


Who is this course for?
This course is for you if you’re (1) spending too much time-sucking DIY effort on marketing tasks that rarely move the needle; (2) constantly being told your website sucks, you should blog more, and you need SEO; (3) handling website, blog, and social media efforts without a guidepost; (4) hiring one subpar rando after another to handle your marketing, social media, SEO, and blogs; (5) wondering how to stand out as a copywriter or content developer in a world where “everyone’s a writer!”; or (6) wishing an expert would tell you exactly what to do and how to do it instead of feeding you the same old marketing BS.

This course is for you if you don’t want to waste any more time searching through the sea of marketing information out there. Instead, you want a structured, clear, concise, value-packed course to guide you.


I don’t want to do my own marketing, but I do want to learn to choose better freelancers. Will this course help?
Oh yeah, you’re in the right place. You’re smart enough to know what you don’t know, and you want to build the skills needed to vet your support team to ensure they deliver. You’ll leave this course with all of the foundational knowledge you need.


I want my small team to handle our marketing in house. Will this course help?
Yes, yes, and yes! This course is tailor-made for you. You’ll learn how to build your brand content and speak directly to your target audience, what your home page should look like, how to blog, how to make SEO work for your business, and how to create 


You say the course is valued at $1,997 (before bonuses). Is this a random number?

Nope. I serve as the fractional chief marketing officer for several companies. I also lead branding and marketing workshops for small to medium-sized businesses and teach courses in persuasive writing for the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Air Force, and companies nationwide.

The branding and marketing workshops I lead empower teams to build their brand identity, maximize their market niche, craft home page copy that converts, learn the basics of SEO, write blogs that reinforce their credibility, and create content that promotes their brand. I charge $1,997 to lead for a half-day workshop all the way up to $10,000+ for multi-day workshops.


How many hours each week will I need to invest?
Plan to spend 5 hours a week on the course. Made of time? Then you can invest even more. Basically, I’m going to show you how to build a marketing engine and then give you step-by-step instructions on how to craft awesome content. If you’re aching to try out your new skills, then get to rewriting your home page and crafting blogs.


I really want to dive in, but I’m afraid I’ll get overwhelmed and lose focus.
Life happens. The good news: You’ll have lifetime access to the course materials. While I would LOVE for you to put these lessons to work now, you’ll be able to work at your own pace and on your own schedule.


For real? I’ll seriously have lifetime access to the course?
True story. After you sign up, you’ll be able to access the course lessons whenever you like.


I’ve seen marketing courses sell for as little as $99. Why shouldn’t I just sign up for one of those courses?
Wow. That’s a total steal. Or 99 more dollars down the drain. If you’ve spent years wandering aimlessly along the DIY route or wasted tons of cash on freelancers or agencies that perform random acts of marketing, you may be skeptical about this $99 price tag. Ask yourself why these “experts” are bargain-basementing their pricing. Is this the “cheaper is better” Walmart model of marketing?

That said, if you landed on a real deal that sells for only $99, you should absolutely sign up for it. Right now.


I’ve seen marketing courses sell for $2K to $10K on up. Why is your course better than those?
I don’t know that it is. What I do know is that I can stand toe to toe with the very best. My base of marketing and writing knowledge is as broad as it is deep. I’m an empathetic team builder, strategist, and mentor who geeks out on sharing insider knowledge. I decided to teach this course after working with hundreds of businesses over the years that grew exasperated with DIY marketing that didn’t move the needle or that blew a fortune on smoke and mirrors marketing “experts.” There’s a lot of BS in the marketing industry. It really pisses me off, not to put too fine a point on it.

I’m a fiction writer and former college literature instructor. I have 10 years of experience leading marketing and brand strategy efforts at global corporations, small businesses, and startups. I also have 10 years of experience teaching persuasive writing for the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Air Force, corporations, and students at the University of Virginia and the University of Colorado Boulder.

I know my stuff. And I know how to communicate that stuff to experts and lay audiences alike in a way that nod their heads and say, “yep, I finally get it.” Said another way, I’m the real damn deal, and I’m confident that, together, we will tell the best story possible.


Why was that last answer so long?
I’m nothing if not thorough. You can expect the same level of clarity, thought, and detail in the Crack the Code Marketing Boot Camp.


What if I hate this course?
Oh, man. Okay, here’s the thing — I want you to LOVE this course. If you’re unhappy with the progress you’re making just contact me within 14 days of your purchase, and I’ll refund your money. Simple as that 🙂

That’s why I’m giving you 14 days to go through the training, keep up with the lessons, and put those lessons to work.
Carolyn has a way perceiving a person, situation, or corporate identity, and voicing that perception in the most articulate and meaningful way. Her insight, intelligence, and command of language truly blow me away. Working with Carolyn is always a pleasure, not merely because of her talent but because I can always count on her to deliver and do so with the utmost professionalism. She is grace under pressure. I’ve watched her take on multiple corporate personas, with clients from extremely diverse industries, and speak with their voice so well it appears effortless. She is the complete package, and I recommend her highly.
Sarah Harrison
Sarah Harrison
Sr. Process Engineer, CoorsTek

Join Crack the Code Marketing Boot Camp Today





You may be thinking, “I’m excited, but I’m still not sure.”

Here’s why you should give this boot camp a 14-day risk-free shot:

  1. You’re done with throwing random darts that don’t hit the mark, and you want to make sure you NAIL IT this time by using only the most powerful, step-by-step, “what’s actually working now” marketing strategies.
  2. You’ve been trying to build your marketing engine for ages but you don’t know how to move the needle.
  3. You’re ready to reinforce your credibility and provide the foundation for greater revenue for years to come.
  4. You’re tired of marketing overwhelm, and you’re ready to start a straightforward, highly effective program that will empower you to crack the marketing code
  5. You feel peace of mind knowing you have 14 days to test it out. Show us your work proving you tried the strategies to no avail and ask us to refund this whole marketing experiment. Easy peasy.
  6. You’re ready to work smarter, not harder — no more random acts of marketing!

Build Your Marketing Engine in 6 Short Weeks

When you sign up for Crack the Code Marketing Boot Camp® and start putting the 6 foundational marketing steps to work, you’ll feel:
  • Energized: Replace time-sucking random acts of marketing with strategies that work.
  • Empowered: Replace random actions of marketing with bona fide knowledge
  • Confident: Take on your own marketing or vet and hire better people to do it for you
  • Productive: Build actionable, fast-win strategies that actually move the marketing needle.


game of thrones - brand building 101 - Carolyn Daughters
Crack the Code Academy - Carolyn Daughters

Ready to Win Hearts, Minds, Deals, and Dollars?

In 2020 alone, I worked one on one with more than 100 small business teams. Again and again I saw the ways in which their agencies and freelancers had taken them for an expensive, often years-long ride.

The marketing industry is filled with posers who claim expertise in areas they’re not qualified to weigh in on, let alone support. It’s a big damn problem. That’s why I’m pulling back the marketing veil.

In this course, you’ll master the marketing essentials. In six short weeks, you’ll go from confusion to clarity about what to do and how to do it. You won’t have to wing it any longer.

Take a deep breath. You got this.

The best day to right all of your branding and marketing wrongs was yesterday. The next best day is TODAY.

Crack the Code Marketing Boot Camp will give you the skills and resources needed to build a powerful, highly intentional marketing engine that’s always reliably humming.

You don’t need a marketing PhD. You need to get down to brass tacks and build your marketing foundation. It’s time to conquer marketing overwhelm and build a strong framework that positions your business to grow.

The clarity, purpose, and sense of control you’ll leave with will serve your business for years to come.

Carolyn Daughters - Crack the Code Marketing Bootcamp

Let’s Get Started





“What if” is a terrible game. For one thing, no one wins.

Your home page is so-so. Your site has no SEO. You blog sporadically, and hardly anyone sees the valuable tips you’ve shared. Even your spouse and your mother don’t really know what it is you do, meaning your brand is MURKY at best.

I don’t want you to spend another week, month, or year trying to figure out how to build your marketing foundation on your own. You’re entrepreneurial and plenty smart, but you shouldn’t have to be an expert at everything.

Don’t play the “what if” game. Instead, take action. I want you to be proud of your brand identity and confident in your ability to win hearts, minds, deals, and dollars. And I want you to thank yourself for the decision you make today.


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Carolyn Daughters - Branding and Marketing Expert - Carolyn

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