Common marketing missteps waste time and money. These 5 fixes are GAME CHANGERS.

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White Papers and Published Articles

Thought Leadership Pieces That Reinforce Your Value and Expertise

You may want prospects to visit your site and learn how your services and products can help them. Or you may be launching a new campaign intended to provide value at every turn. Either way, what are you offering your prospects? Are you demonstrating thought leadership and sharing relevant, timely insights? Helping them make critical decisions that can dramatically improve their business? Offering high-value white papers and eBooks that address their pain points and help them understand how to solve important problems?

If you want white papers, eBooks, case studies, and articles that engage your audience and meet your business needs, make a strategic investment and hire my team.

White Papers and E-Books

E-books are often the most downloaded pieces from company websites. Why? Because prospective customers want to do business with companies that not only provide value-added services and products but also offer clear, professionally designed, user-friendly materials that educate decision-makers on their team. White papers, in turn, offer a deeper dive into the problems being solved, reinforcing thought leadership and industry credibility in ways that less-detailed marketing pieces cannot.


Case Studies and Assets

Assets can include one-page pieces like case studies, use cases, interviews, and infographics. Assets can also include multipage capabilities decks and brochures. These assets should accurately represent your professional brand. Unlike newsletters, articles, webinars, and press releases they should stand the test of time, meaning they should be strategically used throughout the year (with content updates, as warranted) for a number of plug-and-play inbound and outbound marketing purposes.



Newsletters give you the opportunity to stay in contact with customers and prospects on a regular basis. Newsletter mailing lists are ideally composed of people who have opted in to receive company communications, so these people are interested in learning about new products and solutions that can solve their problems and improve their business. Newsletter content can also be repurposed on your website, blog, and social media platforms, driving traffic and increasing engagement.


Published Articles

Published articles are the ultimate thought leadership pieces. When you publish an article in a reputable publication, you’re seen by readers as an expert in your field. Here’s a truth known only to industry insiders: half or more of the articles in hardcopy and digital publications are written by ghostwriters – writers hired to interview subject matter experts and then write content that is officially credited to someone else.


Press Releases

Did you open a new office or launch a new product? Donate to a local nonprofit? Win a new contract or award? Why not get the word out? Press releases boost your company’s visibility, drawing attention to your company’s newsworthy events. They also establish your industry expertise and increase the odds that members of the press will turn to you when they need industry insights and answers.