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Courses that teach teams how to hone their critical thinking skills, tell compelling stories, and craft arguments that win hearts, minds, deals, and dollars.

I’m Carolyn Daughters, and I teach corporate, government, and nonprofit teams the art and science of storytelling and the power and vast potential of persuasive writing.

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What do Katniss Everdeen, Luke Skywalker, Cinderella, and Shrek have to do with gaining stakeholder buy-in?


The Persuasive Writing Engine course does the following:

  • Uses proven models of persuasion based on fairy tales.
  • Demonstrates the power of storytelling and offers hands-on practice in crafting compelling arguments.
  • Shows teams how to win hearts, minds, deals, and dollars.


Most real-world arguments are structured in much the same way that fairy tales like Star WarsThe Hunger Games, Cinderella, and Shrek are structured. The status quo is destabilized, the stakes are high, and the audience is psychologically invested in gaining a greater understanding of what’s happening, why it’s happening, and what’s next.

This course tends to take attendees by surprise because it’s unlike any other writing course they’ve ever taken. Using critical thinking exercises and drawing upon and real-world examples, attendees learn to connect with their readers where they live and breathe.

Persuasive Writing Engine Courses
from Carolyn Daughters

Business, government, and nonprofit teams that take Persuasive Writing Engine courses will:

  • Understand the art, science, power, and vast potential of persuasive writing.
  • Identify proven models of persuasion based on the structure of fairy tales.
  • Practice telling engaging stories and crafting compelling arguments.
  • Gain the tools required to write outcome-driven proposals, business cases, annual reports, grants, employee reviews, budget requests, and other persuasive content.
  • Learn valuable, real-world strategies for winning hearts, minds, deals, and dollars.


Using critical thinking exercises and drawing upon successful contemporary examples, attendees will strive to know their readers and connect with them where they live and breathe.

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Persuasive Writing Engine - Carolyn Daughters

When the Stakes Are High, You Need the Persuasive Writing Engine

Let’s say your team is short on in-house writing expertise but big on initiative. Let’s also say credibility, reputation, and money are on the line.

The purpose of writing is to inform or persuade by helping a target audience understand important ideas, solve problems, or do what you want them to do. Writing fails when the audience misunderstands the message, bristles at the quality of its presentation, or stops reading.

Writing is a vital part of many jobs. However, many teams lack the fundamental skills required to make a sound, compelling business case. That’s where the Persuasive Writing Engine comes in.

I teach teams how to communicate information in a way that enables their audience to grasp key concepts and inspires them to take action.

Persuasive Writing Engine Topics Covered

  • Argumentation 101 (persuasive writing as an offshoot of critical thinking)
  • Rhetoric and argumentation
  • Connection between persuasive writing and critical thinking
  • Claims, reasons, evidence (grounds), qualifiers, acknowledgments, and rebuttals
  • How to craft effective arguments that borrow from the structure of fairy tales
  • Audience analysis and argument design
  • Language and tone of persuasive writing
  • Paragraph and sentence structure/style
  • Content development and iteration
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Rare Combination of Instructional Design Expertise + a Real-World Business Background

I’ve been teaching courses in marketing, business writing, persuasive writing, and proposal writing for 20 years. For starters, right out of college, I designed and developed a writing course and taught the course at the Pentagon.

Afterward, I taught undergraduate writing courses at the University of Virginia and graduate-level writing courses at the University of Colorado Boulder.

For the past six years, I’ve taught persuasive writing courses to corporate, Department of Defense, and U.S. Air Force teams nationwide. I also work as a fractional chief marketing officer for small businesses and provide business and proposal consulting to both startups and enterprise organizations.

Tell the Best Story Possible

In my work with hundreds of companies, the University of Virginia, the University of Colorado Boulder, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Air Force, I’ve seen firsthand the damage caused by weak arguments. Good ideas fall by the wayside when writers don’t know how to:

  • Tailor content and structure to the needs of the audience.
  • Plead a business case effectively.
  • Land contracts/investors and close new business.


Writers want their audience to take them seriously. The Persuasive Writing Engine course teaches corporate and government teams how to achieve that goal and win over their audience by telling the best story possible.

Ready for a Game Changer?

It takes an in-the-trenches expert to teach the psychology of persuasion and share the knowledge and tools needed to win hearts, minds, deals, and dollars. I’m that expert.

I have what it takes to help teams craft persuasive arguments – all while enhancing your organization’s credibility and empowering you to achieve your business goals.


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