Carolyn Daughters - Tell the Best Story Possible (Professional Writer in Denver)Writing and Editing Services

Marketing and technical firms, universities, nonprofits, and individuals hire me to write, edit, and proofread most anything that has to do with the written word. I’m an expert at tailoring content, structure, voice, and tone to the needs of the target audience in question.

My areas of expertise include the following:

Website and marketing copy
Contract proposals, grant proposals, 
and award nominations
Press releases
Business plans and annual reports
Ghostwriting (fiction and nonfiction)
Blogs, ezines, and newsletters

Tech manuals, user guides, and case studies
Policy and procedure manuals
Newspaper and journal articles
LinkedIn pages

I’ve worked as a marketing and technical writer since ‘91, and I used to teach a graduate-level writing course at the University of Colorado at Boulder and undergraduate courses in writing at the University of Virginia. My writing stands out because I can jump into most any communication project in most any industry and help my clients achieve their communication goals. I’d love to talk with you about your needs and about the ways in which I can help you tell the best story possible.


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