Carolyn Daughters - Tell the Best Story Possible (Professional Writer in Denver)Creative

Novelist. Storyteller. Ranter. Raver. Passionate investigator of complex truths. Wholehearted fan of minutiae and every single last detail.

That’s me.

My six-word bio: My truth is in my fiction.

For the past four years, I’ve been working on a character-driven novel that may or may not be titled Cat Fletcher.

The book is set in Washington, DC, in 2001-2002 – in the city, in the suburbs, and at the Pentagon (where I used to work). It’s got workplace intrigue, a Pentagon post-9/11 investigation, and loads of intense (and funny) family drama. Told through a lens of dark humor, Cat Fletcher is the provocative story of one woman’s quest to clear her name and find the will to carry on in the precarious, risk-filled world in which we all live.

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