Business Strategy Writing Resources ( Strategy Writing Resources

Sometimes you need to hire an expert, and sometimes you simply need resources that your team can use to build the strategies, content, and assets you need to achieve your marketing and communication goals.

Below, I’ve included some business strategy writing resources that you and your team might find useful. If you need for additional resources, reach out and I’ll see what other information I might be able to send your way.

Bids, Contract Proposals, and Award Nominations

Are you putting your best foot forward when you submit bids, contractor proposals, and award nominations? Review the steps you should follow to submit a bid, proposal, or award nomination. View Proposal Steps

Business Plans

Need a business plan but not sure what it should contain? Get started with this outline, which highlights the key areas you and your team should address. View Business Plans

Email Etiquette

Annoyed by some of the emails you receive? Today, it seems that anything goes in the world of email communications. Find out if your emails are missing the mark, and learn how you can make your emails stand out from the shorthand gobbledygook that fills your inbox. View Email Etiquette


Need a ghostwriter for your next book or article? Learn how to find the ghostwriter who’s right for you. View Ghostwriting Tips

LinkedIn Tips

Are you taking full advantage of LinkedIn to build your professional network? If not, it’s time to learn how. View LinkedIn Tips


What makes an effective paragraph? Learn how to make your paragraphs as strong as possible so you can achieve your communication goals. View Paragraph Tips


What makes an effective sentence? Learn how to improve your writing sentence by sentence, line by line. View Sentence Tips

Writing Quiz

Take this quiz and see how much you know about basic grammar and punctuation. Confirm your superstar status, or pinpoint problem areas. The results may surprise you. View Writing Test


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